Commercial Law

Is your Australian Business Legal and Legitimate?

Are you concerned about the costs involved in hiring a lawyer for your business requirement? Spending a small fee on hiring reputed commercial lawyers, such as Fletcher Lawyers, can help protect you against expensive liability and stressful lawsuits. Ignorance of Australian commercial laws can dramatically increase the risks of litigation and court action. After all, you want to proceed with running your business in the best way you can without feeling stressed about potential lawsuits from employees, customers and suppliers etc. A good lawyer can help protect your valuable assets and monies from the threat of litigation by keeping a close eye on your business affairs from the start.

Starting your own business can be exciting and exhilarating. Hiring a commercial lawyer can help anticipate and tackle potential problems in a prompt and efficient manner. Many new business owners may not be aware of the ramifications of starting their own business. This is why it’s extremely important to have written and signed contracts in place for every commercial transaction and business relationship.

Contracts play an extremely important role in business operations. The following points explain why it’s important to seek legal assistance with respect to contracts:

• One of the most common mistakes that new business entrepreneurs (and sometimes seasoned ones too) tend to make is to sign on agreements without fully understanding the clauses that they contain. Signing on an agreement without scanning its contents in detail is a mistake that often leads to grave and devastating legal consequences.

• Once you sign on a contract, it becomes legal in the eyes of law and there are increased risks of litigation if you are not careful. Many business owners simply sign without understanding what is legally expected of them in the contract and the rules that they may be obliged to follow as a result.

• Many times, you may receive unpleasant surprises that may lead to stressful legal trouble at later stages. This is what is usually referred to as the ‘fine print’ or small print in a contract. Important issues could be couched as legalese in the small print of a contract and as a new business entrepreneur, you may be unaware of the implications of signing on the document.

Your lawyer will look out for your best interests and will caution you before you sign on contracts. He or she will explain all the terms and will identify any hidden implications that may lead to negative consequences. They will help you draw up agreements and contracts, will explain terms and conditions and identify potential problems. They will also help prepare standard and special contracts with customers, vendors, suppliers and so on.