7 Reasons Why Family Lawyers Should Embrace Social Media Marketing
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7 Reasons Why Family Lawyers Should Embrace Social Media Marketing

Family lawyers might not be the first profession you would associate with having a presence on social media. After all, many people think of social media as a place where you talk with friends, post wacky videos, and tell jokes, which all seem a million miles away from the severe world of family lawyers helping clients daily with matters that significantly affect the lives of those clients.

Nevertheless, whilst we would never expect family law to be the basis for comedy videos and memes, social media does have a role to play for those family lawyers who wish to promote their law practice and seek new clients. Given that, unless any law practice, whether it deals with family law, criminal law, or commercial law, adds new clients, it is a law practice heading south and will soon risk being unviable.

As for family lawyers using social media to augment their business and attract those all-important new clients, it is essential to understand what social media can achieve for companies, including those within the family law sector. To ensure this is the case, we have outlined seven reasons family lawyers should embrace social media below. We hope this helps steer you as to why your next step should be to start a social media campaign.

You Reach Large Audiences

One of the biggest reasons to use social media is that it is where your future potential clients are. For example, a quarter of all adults regularly use LinkedIn; for Instagram, it rises to a third; on Facebook, you will find almost three-quarters of local adults. If you are not on these social media platforms and others, you are avoiding your prospects, not finding them.

You Can Connect Directly With Your Audience

With social media, you can build up a following of those who have shown interest in the subject matter you are posting content about. As such, you can connect more directly with that following than you ever can with traditional advertising channels to the extent that it can often feel like conversing with them.

You Can Build Your Brand

You might think branding is only for large corporations, but you would be wrong. Even the smallest family law firm can benefit from having a distinct identity augmented by its branding and boosted through social media.

You Can Publish Content That Can Go Viral

By publishing excellent content for your social media followers, you can help to inform them and build trust. In addition, if a piece of your published content proves to be particularly popular, newsworthy, or even controversial, it could be shared. It could go viral if it gains significant traction, meaning your brand becomes even more known and established.

You Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Assuming you have a well-designed website that is proven to convert visitors into clients, then social media is a great option to boost those numbers. It simply requires you to have a link to your website in some of the content you publish on social media and the “About” section of your Facebook page, for example.

You Can Gain Insights Into Your Audience

One of the attractions of many social media platforms is that they allow you to ask your followers for feedback, ideas, and questions. These can provide valuable information about their likes and dislikes and, for example, what content they would like to see you publish in the future.

You Can Utilise Paid Advertising

For family lawyers who wish to accelerate their social media campaign, you can also use the paid advertising that most social media platforms offer. Some of these are hugely sophisticated, allowing you to pinpoint the exact demographics to target, such as location, age, gender, and profession of those who will see your ads.